We believe everyone should be a member of a credit union. You may join Boyle Credit Union if you:

• Live within our common bond
• Work within our common bond
• Are a member of a household who is an existing member of Boyle Credit Union

Joining Boyle Credit Union is one of the best decisions you could make. In order to become a member you will need to fill in a Membership Application Form which you can download by clicking on the link below and bring it to our office along with the following documents:

1. A Photo ID- in the form of passport or drivers licence or Garda National Age Card, or an ML12 form signed by a Garda.
2. Your proof of address-in the form of recent household utility bill or bank statement where recent means less than three months old.
3. Your PPS number- This must be contained on a card, official form or pay-slip.

There is a one off joining fee of €1.00 and the minimum shareholding is €10.

Members should note that only a parent or guardian is entitled to make withdrawals on behalf of a minor (persons under the age of 7 years). Where a person other than a parent or guardian ie grandparent opens an account on behalf of a minor, they may nominate a parent or guardian to do so in order to facilitate future withdrawals from the account until the child is old enough to give receipts.

In such cases, the person opening the account will require:

1. A certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate showing their DOB
2. A copy of a recent household utility bill from the parent or guardian showing the address of the child.
3. The minor’s PPS number on any STATE document.

Benefits of Membership
• You OWN Boyle Credit Union
• You have EQUAL say in the running of Boyle Credit Union
• You have ACCESS to fair and competitive rates on savings and loans
• The members’ savings pool is made available to other members to borrow from
• You are HELPING others

Get your Application Form here

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